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Physiotherapy - A Physiotherapists approach to Lower Back Pain


Physiotherapy in the uk is practised by physiotherapists or more commonly called physios. This comes from a long history of physical therapy modules. Physios are concerned about the way the body functions, and using various physical approaches look to restore body movement and functional balance. Today physiotherapy has developed many approaches to the treatment.

The Bolton and Manchester physiotherapy clinics specialise in a structural approach to physical/physiotherapy particularly sports injuries, postural imbalance, work related injury and road traffic accidents.

The physiotherapist looks to impart the knowledge and neccesseay skills for the patient to take responsibility to improve and maintain their health.

Physiotherapists are trained to diagnose problems in the joints and muscles of the body, and will carry out a comprehensive assessment of the body function. After an assessment the physio will discuss and implement a treatment plan for your particular problem. A physiotherapy program for your injuries or your low back pain etc provides a wide range of treatments to relieve pain, promote relaxation and restore movement. They include manipulation, mobilisation and massage. Exercise is used to increase general fitness and to strengthen muscles which support the spine. If you are prone to back pain, a physiotherapist can also offer preventive advice.

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