How was the crossbow invented

The invention of Crossbow was not an abrupt event rather it was a sort of evolution in projectile weaponry. A traditional archer back in the ancient times was considered as some higher being because it took lifetime training, physical vigor, and skill in order to use a bow with sufficiently good accuracy. But the invention of Crossbow revolutionized the use of projectile weaponry.
The earliest script which mentions something related to Crossbows is The Holy Bible. Although you won’t find the word Crossbow in Bible as such, the word “Ballista” is considered the parent word from which Crossbow originated. A Ballista was not a Crossbow in its original state, rather it was a catapult which was capable of shooting arrows and stones. If you want to buy a personal crossbow, make sure to get the best crossbow 2018 to ensure future-proofing your purchase.
The historians so far aren’t able to figure out the exact inventors of the Crossbow but it has been finalized that the crossbow originated in East Asia somewhat before 400 BCE. Although the findings reveal that the earliest evidence regarding Crossbows points towards Ancient China or in surrounding areas but the records are too sparse to give the credit for the invention of Crossbow to a particular East Asian sect as mentioned by Sir Joseph Needham in his work “Science and Civilization in China”. The textual proof regarding the use of Crossbows in armed warfare dates back to the times 500 BC-300 BC when the actual deployment of crossbows was first mentioned by a popular military think-tank Sun Tzu in his book “The Art of War”. The features of Crossbow are mentioned in Chapter V of his book whereas Chapter XII withholds the use of Crossbow during warfare.
The archeological findings pointing towards the invention of Crossbow include, but are not limited to bronze crossbow bolts belonging to 5th Century BC have been excavated from Hubei, Yutaishan, and an empire of Chu funeral sites. Furthermore, archaeologists have also excavated crossbows at Hunan, in Tomb 138, Saobatang, tagging their origin to the middle of 4th Century BC.
It is also being claimed that the invention of a crossbow just like Dynamite wasn’t for the purpose of war but as a conciliatory device. At around 200 BC, Crossbow was considered so advanced that a law had to be passed which prevented the export of Crossbows outside of China. It was believed that if any advanced weapon such as crossbow existed, it could stop wars between two sects as they both had to obey the empire with Crossbows. Thus we can relate the possession of Crossbows during the ancient times with the possession of current era’s nuclear warheads. A country possessing more nuclear warheads gets to stitch up the wounds between two enraged countries by making diplomatic ties between the two, similar was the hype of Crossbows. The golden age of Crossbows dates back to around 157 BC, Liang Hsiao Wang was in charge of a brigade that possessed 50,000 men and a huge inventory of crossbows. The crossbows were of varied sizes and some of them so gigantic that it took several men to prepare them for firing. In the 11th-century fast projectile shooting crossbows were developed which were capable of firing 20 arrows in just 15 seconds. Until 1895, Chinese people used crossbows in wars, but eventually, modern weaponry had made the crossbows obsolete.

The effectiveness of addiction treatment centers

There are several drug treatment centers. They stand out in innovative ways of great successes and healing. If you have the strength and courage and really need help getting rid of addiction or alcohol, it is a good idea to find a good rehabilitation center that meets your criteria. If you choose a drug rehabilitation center, do not keep the price as the only criterion. There are some factors if you keep in mind that they will help you make the right decision.

However, first of all, it is important to know your current status. In addition, before choosing drug treatment centers, you should inquire about the availability of various types of dependency centers and rehabilitation plans that are systematic for future action. Drug dependence treatment centers or the Alcohol Rehab in California are those that help people complete recovery in the natural environment. They are completely free of any religion or philosophy.

Rehabilitation centers for patients are specific to age and gender because many people believe that men and women respond to treatment differently and, therefore, effectiveness is calculated when they are kept separate. In addition, there are rehabilitation centers based on trust, the rehabilitation center in general, the 12-phase rehabilitation center, detoxification/rehabilitation, etc. Depending on your condition and needs, you can choose the most appropriate one.

This is the reason why in order to provide an adequate treatment, my drug treatment programs are required, which must be completely restored to the addiction. It is also very important that after taking addictive care, participate in the program, as this will help them to adapt more easily to normal and productive life. Health insurance is usually a problem for many addicts and alcoholics. However, there are government programs that subsidize rehabilitation centers. This is done to provide more resources to the community.

There is no reason why the addiction should be brought to its lowest point and not receive the necessary help. However, family members must meet and seek help from their families. An addict must also take responsibility for their actions and understand that there is a problem and that they need help. They will try to get out of all kinds of movements, especially if they do not want to interfere. However, if they really find themselves in a disappointing situation, when there is no other option, they are cornered and then forced to force them to help.

Remember that alcohol or addiction is a medical condition. Participating in meetings or listening to spiritual speakers will not help you. They can encourage you and strengthen your strength and hope to get rid of this problem. Today, people are well informed and, therefore, are looking for progressive medical approaches. Most drug treatment centers accept any type of insurance. Therefore, if your insurance provides assistance, find out which one is taking medication.

When you evaluate them, you also need to see the effectiveness of these different companies. If your staff can help different people break the dependence on opiates, then they may be the best option for you. Be sure to go places and find out if you feel comfortable in your settings.

Common Medical Malpractice Claims Handled By Attorneys

Medical malpractice attorneys deal with a large number of complaints on a daily basis, some are justified and deserve further investigation, while others are not serious enough to win a claim. This article explains all about medical malpractice claims.

Some of the most common claims include serious problems such as a spinal injury during surgery. In these cases where patients are left paralyzed by a doctor’s error, there should be a claim against the doctor with a good firm like Hastings Law Firm medical malpractice.

The doctor is responsible for taking all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of his / her patients. In some cases, things get worse, both during surgery and in general, leading to a claim. It is then up to the doctor to provide evidence that he has provided the patient with the appropriate amount of care.

These cases only make them when there is clear evidence that the doctor has given his patient less than average care. This can lead to life-long problems and in severe cases, death.

Another common claim is childbirth claims. Doctors who do not take birth properly and cause hypoxia in a newborn for a period of time, leading to brain injury is exceptionally common. When you pay for the service of a specialist doctor, you do not expect them to make such mistakes, especially with a new life coming into the world.

This can turn the new parent’s life upside down. Have a healthy child for nine months, and within a minute or two, your doctor may cause catastrophic damage to your child, which can lead to serious damage or damage or, in some cases, fetal death.

Lawyers also use medical malpractice for surgical claims. There are some terrifying stories about patients who will undergo surgery for one thing and have something completely different. There are also amputations and orthopedic surgery in addition to a long list of complaints and claims from patients.

One of the most common medical malpractice allegations around the world is not surgical in any way, in fact, it is home nursing abuse. Older people are often placed in care, a facility designed to provide them with an upscale lifestyle in a comfortable setting with the care they deserve in 24 hours.

The sad truth is that the elderly who we get are vulnerable, often unable to defend ourselves when they are treated badly. Families will record their loved ones in these facilities, believing that this facility will provide them with a better life than they can offer at home, and in some sad cases this is the worst mistake they have made.

Assault on the home in nursing varies greatly and anything from poor personal hygiene to residents can be to verbal and physical abuse. In cases where the elderly patient needs continuous care, he can often be left without help for hours on end, leaving them with bed sores, dirty clothes, and dirty bedding, to name a few.

Again, if you pay a lot of money for this kind of care and find that one of your family members is being abused in one way or another, it is only right to approach a medical malpractice lawyer for advice and assistance.

A medical malpractice attorney will be able to hear what happened and help you decide if your claim is worth pursuing. In most cases, all medical treatments go without any problems, and among thousands of patients, there is only one or two who will suffer from poor care, leading to serious problems.

Do rehab and recovery houses actually work for alcoholism?

People who are dependent on alcohol will find that this can have a devastating effect on their life and the lives of those around them. For some, this is a situation that will not change, whereas others will want to do something positive about their lifestyle. These are often the people who will go into alcohol rehabilitation and recovery houses. So how can this help individuals and do they really work?


One of the first benefits that an individual will find is that they are away from the usual temptations of home when they live at a Redondo Beach sober living house. They do not have access to the alcoholic beverages that they would usually be able to consume whenever they wanted to. This is a step in the right direction and will help the individual to resist abusing alcoholic substances.


Another way in which individuals are helped by these centers is that they are put on a professional detoxification program. When a person is withdrawing from any substance they have abused, it can be a very unpleasant time for them. By being on a professional detox program, a person will have access to the physical and psychological help that they need during this time.


Centers like this will also work with the individual to help them talk about their problems. For many, there is an underlying reason why they have turned to substance abuse. Speaking with councilors and other patients can really help to get to the root of the problem so they can be dealt with correctly.


The support that individuals in rehab centers receive is round the clock, which is not always the case when a person is in their own home. Whenever a person in rehab starts to feel low, they know that there is someone they can turn to. When a person is at home, they might not always have this kind of help and will turn towards the substance that they have been abusing.

Tailor Made Treatment

Many of the treatment plans that individuals receive are tailored to suit their own needs. This is a practical solution to a very difficult problem and one that can actually work. By creating these bespoke plans a person will have a much better chance of succeeding.

Independent Living

Towards the end of an individual’s stay in a rehab center, they will start to learn about living on their own once again. They will get help and advice on how they can be successful in their sobriety. They will also be given information on who they can contact if they slip back into their old ways, which unfortunately can happen to some people.

As you can see, alcohol rehabilitation can help individuals in a number of different ways. It can help them dry out by going through alcohol detox, they can talk about their issues with people who understand them. It can also teach individuals practical ways of coping when they get the urge to drink. So if you have an issue with this kind of substance abuse, a center specializing in your particular addiction will be ideal to offer healing and help.

Cheek Augmentation Basics

The cheek augmentation, also known medically as mammoplasty, is usually done to produce a more defined cheek profile and a distinct jaw line, which can often dramatically improve a recessive cheek or sometimes the appearance of an especially rounded face.

Reshaping cheeks in melbourne with cheek fillers can improve the contour of the face and also balance the front making the cheek much more proportional to the rest of the facial features. This type of procedure can be performed in combination with additional procedures, such as facelift surgery or cheek enhancements. In particular, it is combined with the remodeling of the nose, since a cheek of the right size will help to balance the strength of the nose.

This procedure, which can be performed safely on people as young as eighteen years of age, can achieve a small improvement over the way it looks from the front; however, as in cosmetic surgery of the nose, it is mainly intended to improve the profile.

The cheek enhancement with augmentation is by far the surgery of choice when it comes to most patients with teeth that usually function and the development of thejaw.

Then a biocompatible implant is inserted into the bone structure of the lowerjaw, under the skin. This implant can be designed with a newly manufactured material, or it can be made with bone donated by the real patient. Both synthetic and organic components have their particular pros and cons. For example, the implant assembled from the given bone carries a considerably reduced chance of rejection, however, a significantly higher chance of infection.

Once placed correctly in the pocket, the incision will be closed with sutures that will be removed in approximately five days. In the case that the implant is placed inside the mouth, the stitches will be soluble, and it will not be necessary to remove them.

There are several dangers of cheek augmentation

One, cheek augmentation usually requires a nocturnal hospital stay, although recently there are types of cheek augmentation that do not need any recovery time, such as improvement with facial filler injections. There are undeniably affected risk factors, just as with any other type of surgical procedure. Infection is one of these risks, and although in most cases it can be managed by prescription antibiotics, if a virus does not disappear, it may be necessary to remove the implant and replace it in the future.

The second danger of cheek augmentation is to implant changes. This can happen if it turns out that the pocket created for the implant is too large, or possibly if the place where the implant was placed has been altered before the implant has settled enough.

The prices of cheek augmentation can fluctuate with each doctor, along with the region in which you are located and with the precise procedure you need. You should bear in mind that the estimates for cheek augmentation surgery will be fairly general routine and will be subject to change until you have received an appropriate consultation with an expert. However, it may be entirely possible to obtain more affordable rates by going to another country for medical procedures. In fact, this is an option that has great appeal for many patients, and it is worth considering it whenever you can investigate the clinic in which you are thinking about getting your cosmetic surgery.

Everything you need to know about sober living

Did you know that the people who fail in life are those who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up? Well, I am sure you now know. Sobriety is not for the faint hearted that is why you have to do whatever it takes to stay and remain sober. Depression will never make you to become an addict however; your addiction will directly lead into depression. With that said, are you an addict? Are you in rehab or trying to stay and remain sober? Are you interested in top tips on sober living? Or better still, are you a sober and probably wondering how you will remain that way? If the answer is yes to all the questions, then this article will help you understand how you will maintain a sober life with Women’s Sober Living.

That said, a little knowledge on why you need to live a sober life will go a long way in influencing your life choices today and help you live a sober life.

Why opt for a sober life?

Here are some of the top reasons why you should live a sober life:

  • You will look and feel healthier about yourself when quit drinking or doing drugs: this is the main benefit of sobriety because living a sober life will have a positive psychological effect on your body and go a long way in boosting your self-esteem.
  • You will be able to save a lot of money: you have directed a large portion of your income and earnings towards alcohol and drugs. However, by choosing to live a sober life, you will be able to save a lot of money which will go towards improving your lifestyle and well being.
  • You will get closer to family and friends and you will build strong relationships: your addiction to drugs and substance abuse might be the reason why some of your relationships with family members and friends were damaged. By living a sober life, you will be able to build strong relationships with your friends, colleagues and family members.
  • You will live to achieve your full life potential: drugs and substance abuse decrease your value and slow your potential. However, by choosing sobriety you will be able to live to achieve your full life potential.
  • By now I am sure you appreciate the benefits of sobriety and understand why you should opt for a sober life. So, if you have suffered from an addiction and probably learning to apply the principles of sobriety and recovery, a little knowledge on the top tips on sober living will go a long way in helping pursue for a sober life.

Top Tips on Sober Living

Let us quickly dive in!!

  • Live in the now by focusing on doing your best to achieve sobriety
  • Tap into your creative skills like dancing, singing, painting, drawing and many more
  • Never put your willpower to test so get rid of all the alcohol and drugs in your house
  • Live without the fear of relapse because worrying too much about sliding back might contribute to your previous old bad habits
  • Avoid being lonely because it is dangerous to live in isolation
  • Be active in everything you do
  • Try getting a pet if you don’t have one
  • Walk away freely from all stressful situations in your life
  • Create and establish goal
  • Be in charge of your life and avoid bad company or peer pressure at all cost
  • What to remember!!
  • Why opt for a sober life?
  • Summing it up!!

Remember your addiction will definitely lead to a depressed life. So, your lack of sobriety or recovery is not perpetuated by depression, it is the lack of a sober life which is perpetuating the depression in your life. Feel free to use this amazing guide today in understanding the top benefits of sobriety and some of the top tips on sober living

Why use a pain patch

Imagine yourself as that hardworking employee in a company. Handling loads of paperwork and your boss breathing down your neck for good results, you will probably experience major headaches all day. The pain and expensive nature of purchasing pain relieving medication after every few hours is lifted. Why? A pain patch lasts for more than 24 hours after application and that will give you peace of mind when working on the difficult job you love.

When should you use a pain patch for relief? When you have a prescription from an authorized physician and pharmacist or when in a situation that requires fast action before visiting a doctor. A situation where you maybe sprain your ankle while working out in the gym. Using a mild pain patch for pain relief in fast time can be effective for easing your pain.

No one is built to love pain and pain should never at any point of time dictate what you should do or not do with your life career wise or even socially. A prescribed pain patch is the best fast acting pain reliever to keep you going.

Alleviate Minor Pains in your Body

A pain relief patch can help you relieve any kind of minor pain, such as bad bruises. You just have to place a simple relief pain patch on your skin, just over the area it hurts and you’ll be cured within some days. If you let these minor pains in your body continue, you will have several problems. For example, you may not be able to carry certain activities that you do everyday.

A Pain Patch can Help you Treat a Specific Area

You can treat just the affected area of your body without taking pills that may heart your overall health. For example, when you use pills to treat a certain pain in your body, the medication is transported through your blood and may harm your entire body.

What is a Floating Desk?

New furniture can bring many benefits to a house. You can save a lot of space by putting your clothes in shelves. The kitchen can look much nicer with a built in wall unit instead of traditional drawers. But furniture can also occupy a lot of space and leave your home confined.

To create better living conditions in your home, consider upgrading to modern furniture designs. One such design is the floating desk from Desk View You may have come across it once or twice and never realized that it could transform your floor space greatly.

== What is a Floating Desk ==

A floating desk is a type of desk that does not physically touch the floor. Some designs do make contact with the floor but not as much as a common desk. The general design of this piece of furniture is to create a desk that will be attached to the wall.

== Uses ==

These types of desks are commonly used the same way as you would use any desk. But because it floats from the wall you can use it for many purposes.

Mini Library

You can make a mini library for your children or the family in general. For this purpose you can add one or two shelves above the base.

On the base is the area where you will work from. You can place your laptop or books on it. If the length is long enough, you can put both on them on it. That way, you can do your research on the laptop on one side and write down notes on your pad on the other side.

On the first shelve above the base you can place anything from dictionaries for your teenager to story books for your younger children. This shelve should not be too high to reach because children will struggle to reach what they need.

== Benefits ==

Floor cleaning

Traditional desk often need to be moved when a person sweeps or mops the floor. This means you will most likely spend more time cleaning and putting the desk back where it belongs.

A floating desk encourages effective floor cleaning by having no contact with it. So, you will move the broom/mop below it without using extra effort. This will also minimize your cleaning time by at least 10 minutes.

== Downfalls ==

It is hard to find a flaw in such a smart design. However, it will not be 100% every time. Like any other invention it may cause some problems in the house.


Because it is attached to the wall, you may be required to drill holes on the wall for it. This will only damage the wall if it is not done properly. After the installation, you may have to buy some form of wall adhesive to cover the damage. You may also need to buy paint to cover the adhesive.

This modern desk can be a great addition to your home. The best part is that you can install it yourself and create your own designs. Your children will be more comfortable doing their homework at the mini library and you will have more space to store your files and documents.

How to Fix Frizzy Hair with Hair Serum

There comes a time when every curly haired lady or gentleman battles the dread that is frizzy hair. Frizz comes to us whenever the humidity is high in the atmosphere. It occurs when your hair’s cuticle curls up and lets moisture in. This moisture then causes the hair to appear puffy, rugged and dry. Frizz usually happens during the season of summer since that’s when humidity levels are higher. The weather however is not explicitly guilty for the charge of frizzing up our gorgeous curls. Frizz also comes when we knowingly or unknowingly result or fail to result to certain hair care practices.

Before we learn how to fix frizzy hair with the best hair serum:, we must look at other causes of frizz. Some of the practices that lead to frizzy hair are:

· Washing our hair with hot water – hot water strips the hair of its natural oils leaving it unprotected.

· Towel drying hair after washing – it is advisable to allow our hair to air dry after showering.

· Excessive shampooing – most shampoos when used to frequently leave the hair exposed.

· Type of comb we use – different hair types react to different combs in different ways. It is advisable to consult on what comb is good for our hair.

· Hair chemicals used – certain harsh chemicals and hair dyes are known to frizz up the hair.

Hair Serum

Using hair serum is the best way to fix up your frizzy mess but then what is hair serum? Hair Serum is hair softening and protection product that is silicone based. Most people use serum to make the hair shiny since it reflects away light. As opposed to oils, serum does not penetrate through the cuticle; it coats it. When you apply serum to your hair, it protects your hair from excessive heat. It also prevents grime and other harmful products from turning the hair coarse and dry.  Furthermore, you can use hair serum to make detangling easy.

How to use hair serum

There are a lot of hair serum brands out there and they are
not the same. Like with everything else a good hair serum will cost you more
than a so-so one. Do not compromise on quality; go for the best you can afford.
After buying your serum, here is how to use it:

· Apply a few drops to your finger tips and rub.

· Run them through the hair from the back to the
front starting from the roots.

· Repeat the process depending on your hair.

Tips to consider

1.  Always apply serum after washing your hair.

2.  Never apply serum onto dripping wet hair. It is advisable to use when hair is damp.

3.  If you use a hair straightener use after applying serum.

4.  Do not use on your hair before you have washed it.

5.  Do not use hair serum excessively.

6.  Do not apply serum to your scalp

That answers any questions on how to fix frizzy hair with hair serum. Serum gives you desired results instantly and without altering hair structure. If you had any doubts with hair serum before, I hope they are now cleared.

What are aesthetic lasers?

A laser can be characterized as an optical source that transmits photons in an intelligible bar. Lasers were first found in the year 1960 and were proposed as a variety of the ‘maser’ standard around then. Laser technology has enhanced manifold since that time and has discovered applications in changed fields, for example, science, industry, prescription, and customer hardware.

The utilization of lasers by companies such as The Laser Agent has turned out to be extremely normal in different fields of drug, for example, dermatology, surgery, plastic surgery, dentistry, ophthalmology, and restorative methods. These lasers are alluded to as stylish lasers. They deliver an extraordinary light emission with insignificant scattering over a short separation for the treatment of different skin issue. They are utilized for exact tissue pulverization of skin sores without influencing the skin tissue in the encompassing territories. The water introduces in normally happening colors, for example, melanin and hemoglobin assimilate laser pillars utilized as a part of non-intrusive surgical strategies. This has made it a standout amongst the most favored agent devices for dermatological treatments. Tasteful lasers can be utilized for the treatment of different skin conditions, for example, Port Wine stains, insect nevi, warts, skin break out scars, moles, and Lentigines (age spots).

Aside from these, stylish lasers are likewise utilized for expelling body hair and give magnificent outcomes in reasonable cleaned individuals. Laser hair expulsion may take numerous sessions, yet re-development is more slender, slower, and scantier after every session. They are utilized for skin reemerging if there should arise an occurrence of scars and wrinkles and include the expulsion of thin layers of unpredictable skin. Tattoos can likewise be expelled utilizing tasteful lasers in numerous sessions relying upon shading and profundity of the color utilized as a part of tattooing.

If you have just started investigating treatment choices, you have presumably heard and perused a great deal about tasteful laser treatment by most significant urban areas offering it to individuals like you. This kind of treatment is ending up very prominent and can be utilized to treat a wide range of issues that individuals can have. One well-known reason individuals look for this treatment is for the expulsion of undesirable hair. Hair can without much of a stretch develop in numerous regions that individuals don’t need it to develop in and when this happens, they typically rapidly look for treatment to dispose of it. The advantage of utilizing the laser treatment to dispose of this undesirable hair is that it is significantly speedier than different methods that are offered and patients can appreciate enduring outcomes as opposed to going back in for treatment months down the line.

Stylish laser treatment can likewise be utilized to evacuate tattoos that one never again need on their bodies. A tattoo that appeared like an awesome plan to get on your body at one purpose of your life can appear like a repulsive thought at a later point in your life and laser is a strategy that is generally used to expel those undesirable tattoos. Moreover, botches do happen when tattoos are being connected so it is extremely soothing for some individuals to realize that they have the choice to get the tattoo evacuated if an oversight occurs.

The accomplishment of a stylish laser treatment depends on an awesome arrangement on the aptitudes and experience of the corrective laser specialist. This makes it critical to verify the records previously choosing a specialist for stylish laser treatment.